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Episode 01

Shadow of the Moon, Sea of the Shadow
Chapter One
Japanese Term English Meaning Time Introduced Definition
Guest + Pride 18:48 A blue liquid type creature. It is able to control the body of a human.
Crimson Child 1:46 Sekishi is a name given to Youko in her dreams.
Eclipse 22:11 A yellowish portal that connects Japan and the world of the 12 Kingdoms. It usually connects at the sea.
Water Sword of the Long-tailed Monkey 18:39 The name of the sword given to Youko by Keiki. It is the only thing able to slay the Koucho. Apparently, only Youko is able to wield it.
Pedestal + Help 11:23 Keiki’s title.
Tsuki no Kage, Kage no Umi
Shadow of the Moon, Sea of the Shadow 1:35 The name of the first arc of the series.

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