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Episode 06

Shadow of the Moon, Sea of the Shadow
Chapter Six
Japanese Term English Meaning Time Introduced Definition
False Empress 1:50 In reference to the new Empress of Kei.
The Five Mountains 9:09 The center of the world which consists of five mountains. These mountains are in the Yellow Sea.
High Sovereign 19:09 Another god. To have a good harvest, you pray to this one.
Han, Kyou, Ryuu, En, Kei, Kou, Sou, Sai
(範 恭
柳 雁
慶 巧
奏 才)
Pattern, Respect, Willow, Wild goose, Jubliation, Ingenuity, Play music, Genious 9:24 The eight kingdoms that are in the mainland.
Half-beast 8:14 A being that is 1/2 some animal and 1/2 human. Example, Rakushun.
Sagebrush + Pigweed 9:55 The name of the kingdom where kaikyaku come from. This is the name the people of the 12 Kingdoms call Japan. Hourai is beyond the Sea of Emptiness and is considered as a legendary and beautiful kingdom. Only a select few can travel to here. It is believed that there is a good harvest there and that it has an abundanance of riches. The people of the world of the 12 Kingdoms believe that there are no elderly, death, or any kind of sorrow in Hourai. They also believe houses are made of gold, silver, and jewels, that farmers live like emperors, that people are able to run extremely long distances, and that babies possess mysterious powers that can even defeat youma. It is said that there are fountains that can give the powers of the holy sages, and it is also said that when people of the 12 Kingdoms pass away, they are reborn as sages in Hourai.
Gateway + archery bow 14:08 Capital city of the Kingdom of En.
Equestrian + Beast 20:58 Tamed youjyuu. These are domesticated by humans and extremely expensive if bought. There are some that are raised and sold commercially. However, the youjyuu’s abilities diminish greatly if they are raised on farms and sold commercially. A purchased kijyuu will despise its owner, but one that is personally captured and tamed will be very strong and loyal. Stealing kijyuu is considered as a grave crime.
Kongou (Diamond) Mountains 9:15 Mountains that surround the outside of the Yellow Sea.
Yellow Sea 9:12 An island located at the center of the world, which is surrounded by a bay. The Yellow Sea is surrounded by the Kongou Mountains. In the center of the Yellow Sea is Mount Hou. In the center, it is said that the Ryuukyuu (Palace of the Dragon King) exists. It is a palace abandoned by the gods, which is protected by Kenrou Shinkun. In the Yellow Sea, there are no villages and no sages that inhabit the land. There are no buildings or roads, and the soil is uninhabitable by humans. The Yellow Sea is infested by youma, quicksand, poisonous marshes, and rockslides. The Yellow Sea is a desert with only an expanse of trees. It is a place of infinite danger, and it is especially dangerous in the skies over it.
Yellow Sovereign 19:11 Another god. To avoid youma, you pray to this one.
Village tree 12:20 The name of the tree where human and half-beast babies are born from. These trees grow fruit, which carries the babies, and parents choose which fruit is to be their child.
Shun, Ren, Hou, Tai
(舜 連
芳 戴)
Legendary ruler, Connect, Beautiful, Receive 9:39 The four island corner kingdoms. Note: In 6:20 of Episode 3, Shouryuu asks the Taiho of En (can you guess who he is?) if he has found Taiki (and can you guess who he is?). Highlight if you want to know the answer: The Taiho of En is of course Enki, and Taiki is the Taiho of Tai. They are both kirin.
Heavenly Sovereign 18:57 The primary god of the world of the 12 Kingdoms. People pray to Tentei if they want a child.
Bewitching beast 21:00 Youjyuu are different from youma. They can be domesticated into kijyuu. Because they are often hunted, they attack humans. There is no tree from where youjyuu are born from. It is said that there is no such thing as an infant yojuyuu, and they often feed on youma meat. Although there are both genders of youjyuu, females are extremely rare.

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