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Episode 09

Shadow of the Moon, Sea of the Shadow
Chapter Nine
Japanese Term English Meaning Time Introduced Definition
Mysterious creature 15:32 A general term for youma or yojyu.
Chinese Unicorn + Chinese Unicorn 16:46 Merciful beasts who serve directly under Tentei. In the Shinki, Tentei gave three types seeds to the kingdom. Kirin is one of those seeds, the throne. The kirin is the one who chooses the emperor of a kingdom. Kirin also never obey or kneel before anyone except the emperor. So if Keiki is a kirin, and Keiki chose Youko… Then Youko is… yes… the TRUE Empress of Kei.
Egg-fruit 13:32 The fruit which grows from the Yaboku and Riboku. On the Riboku, it carries the human or half-beast baby. When parents want a child, they tie a ribbon on a branch of the Riboku and pray to Tentei. When Tentei hears their wish, he grows a ranka for the parents. If a shoku occurs, the ranka may be washed up into Hourai. When this happens, the ranka settles into the body of a mother. The resulting child is known as a Taika.
Pedestal + Help 10:56 High advisor to the emperor. Its duty is to provide counsel. It is the position of the kirin. However, its honorable title is Taiho, so people call them that instead.
Holy Sage 15:32 Holy immortals who serve directly under the Heavens. Examples of shinsen are emperors and kirin. They have all of the abilities of the sennin but can only die by getting beheaded or losing the mercy of the Heavens. Shinsen are able to create a bridge between the world of the 12 Kingdoms and Hourai through shoku. They are able to go to Hourai whenever they want.
Ancient Japan 17:20 The ancient name of a country now known as Japan.

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