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Episode 10

Shadow of the Moon, Sea of the Shadow
Chapter Ten
Japanese Term English Meaning Time Introduced Definition
Mount Hou 16:17 Where kirin are born and taken care of until maturity. Mount Hou is located in the Yellow Sea.
Gateway + archery bow 9:50 Capital city of the Kingdom of En.
Chinese Unicorn + Chinese Unicorn 15:26 A beast of justice and mercy. It forgives all sins, lowers taxes, and is concerned with the people. Tentei gives the kirin the power to choose an emperor.
Wise ruler 15:36 An emperor who won’t subjugate the people, will protect the kingdom, and maintain the peace. Since people do not live forever, in order to create the most peaceful kingdoms, Tentei grants emperors immortality. That is why the Emperor of En’s rule has been 500 years, and that is why his kingdom is so prosperous.
Director + Orders 2:12 Youma who serve directly under a kirin. They have the ability to call upon more of their kind if the kirin wishes.
Shitsudou no Yamai
Shitsudou (To stray off one’s path) Illness 17:30 The illness which is inflicted upon a kirin by the Heavens. When an emperor strays from the correct path by committing merciless acts, the Heavens become angry and inflict the illness upon the kirin. If the emperor changes his ways, then the kirin is cured. Otherwise, the kirin dies, and an emperor cannot live without the kirin (however, kirin and emperors can also die by internal causes or if they get beheaded). After a few months, the emperor will also die. Then, a new kirin for the kingdom is born and the whole process starts over again.
Water Sword of the Long-tailed Monkey 4:15 Suiguutou is a powerful sword which gives illusions when in contact with water. If the wielder is strong enough, he or she will be able to control the illusions and see what is most desired. It can show visions of the past, present, and future. However, the illusions can take control of the wielder if the wielder is not strong-minded enough. The sheath of the sword is possessed by Aozaru (Blue Monkey), the demon-monkey. Aozaru was the one who manipulated Youko. When the power of the sheath is dead, anyone is able to pull out the Suiguutou (Remember, Youko is the only one who should be able to wield the sword).
Heaven’s Imperial order 18:11 The rite in which the emperor and the kirin ascend to Seioubo’s shrine at Mount Hou. This is where the emperor official receives the throne.
Sea of Clouds 11:28 The ocean in the sky.

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