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Episode 14

Shadow of the Moon, Sea of the Shadow
Reminiscence Chapter
Please note that this is a recap episode. Therefore, most of the terms were already defined in previous episodes. Only new terms will be listed here.
Japanese Term English Meaning Time Introduced Definition
Genei (Mysterious Flower) Palace 10:52 The main palace where the Emperor/Empress of En lives and deals with Imperial matters.
White pheasant 12:54 A bird that calls out when a new emperor has ascended the throne. The hakuchi also dies when the emperor dies.
To ascend the mountain 8:59 The act of ascending Mount Hou. This occurs when the kirin has matured and is ready to select an emperor. People from the kingdom make a dangerous trek to Mount Hou in order to have a chance of being chosen as the next emperor. Note: The fansubs have it as Mount Shou, which is completely wrong. There is no such thing as Mount Shou.
Auspicious Cloud (Zui Cloud) 12:54 A cloud of jubilation which goes across the sky when a new emperor has ascended the throne.

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