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Episode 16

Sea of the Wind, Shore of the Labyrinth
Chapter Two
Japanese Term English Meaning Time Introduced Definition
Summer Solstice 20:22 A day when the people ascend Mount Hou in order to have a chance of being chosen to be the new emperor.
Jewel 16:01 Water crystals. Shinkun’s Tenken, Rokuta, likes to eat these.
Kenrou Shinkun
Dog + Wolf + True + -kun suffix 15:54 This is the title of the person called Kouya. He is a Heavenly Sage who watches over the people who trek through the Yellow Sea.
Chinese Unicorn 9:25 The name given to those who are born from the Shashinboku.
Chinese Unicorn + Chinese Unicorn 22:49 Since kirin are the purest creatures in the world of the 12 Kingdoms, they become numb when they come into contact with blood. That is why in the first arc, Keiki collapsed when he came into contact with Hankyou’s blood.
Gate of Seiyou
(Blue Heaven)
16:53 The gate where Gosou tried to kidnap Taiki from. It is the gate leading to the outside of the Houro Temple. There is also a long path which leads to the Hotou Palace, where the candidates for becoming emperor gather.
Heavenly dog 18:31 The type of youma that Kenrou Shinkun has under control.
Transform 13:27 The act of transforming from the kirin form to the human form, and vice versa.

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