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Episode 20

Sea of the Wind, Shore of the Labyrinth
Final Chapter
Japanese Term English Meaning Time Introduced Definition
Jewel 10:50 These water crystals are pivital to Tai’s economy. Since the royal palace had way too many and that there was a shortage of it, a civil war broke out. However, this civil war was ended by Gyousou.
Hakuchi Meigou
White pheasant Title + Call 7:17 A bird calls this out to each kingdom when a new emperor has been chosen by some kirin.
Advance + incense 6:50 After the tenchoku, the emperor and the kirin pray in front of an alter in order to become immortals.
Harmony + Origin 22:45 Calendar of the previous Emperor’s (Kyou-ou) rule of the Kingdom of Tai. The first month of the thirty-second year of Wagen is equivalent to 1987.

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