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Episode 21

Sea of the Wind, Shore of the Labyrinth
Reminiscence Chapter
Please note that this is a recap episode. Therefore, most of the terms were already defined in previous episodes. Only new terms will be listed here.
Japanese Term English Meaning Time Introduced Definition
Serpent Bracelet of Empowerment 5:19 The Imperial Treasure of Ren which is used by Renrin in order to create a portal from the world of the 12 Kingdoms to Japan.
Phoenix 20:27 The bird which visits every kingdom to call out “Hakuchi Meigou.”
Imperial treasure 5:07 A special treasure given to each of the 12 kingdoms. Examples are the Suiguutou for Kei, the Kourin’s bracelet for Kou, and the Gogoukanda for Ren.
Chinese Unicorn + Chinese Unicorn 5:54 Kirin usually do not have a name, but if they are loved by the emperor, emperors name them. Examples are Sourin being named Shou-Shou and Sairin being named Youran.
Pure Emperor 5:55 The name given to the Emperor of Hou.
Misguided Emperor 3:26 The name given to the Emperor of Kou after his death.

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