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Episode 22

This is a stand-alone episode and does not belong to any arc.
Japanese Term English Meaning Time Introduced Definition
Lord of Baku Province 12:59 His real name is Koukan. He is accused by the council of ministers of commiting treason against the kingdom because he would not obey Joei (even though Joei “had” Keiki).
Great Scholar 3:29 The name given to Rakushun. He was given this name because of his excellent composition and being number one in the university entrance exam. This name was also the same given to Rakushun’s father. Like father, like son.
Earth Imperial Leader 13:48 A title given to the Daishito, who is the Minister of State Affairs.
Mound Leader
(Council Leader)
15:44 His real name is Seikyou. He is the leader of the six ministers.
Spider-pillow 2:30 The name given to another one of Rakushun’s friends. This means that this guy works so much during hte day and studies so much during the night that his pillow is covered with spider webs.
Big Leader of Horses
(Minister of Military Affairs)
13:59 The official title of the Kakanchou.
Big Leader of Bandits
(Minister of Judicial and Foreign Affairs)
13:55 The official title of the Shuukanchou.
Big Leader of People
(Minister of State Affairs)
13:48 The official title of the Chikanchou.
Wise Old Teacher 3:22 The name given to one of Rakushun’s teachers. Naturally, this man is old.
Longing for Tatsu 15:53 A word said by the people. There used to be a meikun ruler named Tatsu-ou. Since the previous two empresses and now the new current one was unable to create a prosperous nation, people say this word because they miss Tatsu-ou and that they cannot count on a female ruler.
To make a sound + Intelligence 2:18 The name given to one of Rakushun’s friends. He is only nineteen-years-old.
Three Government Officials
(Three Advisors)
7:13 The three advisors who teach Youko about the politics of Kei.
General of the Left Division 14:17 One of the three kingun shoguns (General of the Kingun [Royal Army] – 禁軍将軍).
Crimson + Comfort 22:40 Youko wants to change her name from Sekishi to this. The Seki is derived from the Sekishi and the Raku is derived from Rakushun. She chose this name because Rakushun is the one who saved her life.
Crimson Child 22:13 The name given to Youko. The characters Sekishi can also be read as Akago, which means baby. She is given this name because she is naive and is like a baby (and has crimson hair color).
Gods + Enroll 9:50 A registry of names that immortals (emperors, kirin, generals, ministers, etc.) enters during the shinkou in order attain eternal youth and longetivity. Once immortal, marriage is not possible. They can also nullify it in order to become regular humans again.
Correspondence 1:35 The name of the stand-alone episode.
Spring Imperial Leader 13:42 A title given to the Daisouhaku, who is the Minister of Religious Affairs.
Big Tutor 7:13 One of the Sankou. Taifu teaches her about the politics of Kei along with the other two.
Big Guardian 7:13 One of the Sankou. Taiho teaches her about the politics of Kei along with the other two. Note that this Taiho is different from the kirin Taiho (kanji is different).
Big Leader
(Minister of Imperial Affairs)
15:44 His real name is Kaki. It is the official title of the Tenkanchou.
Big Teacher
(Imperial Teacher)
6:26 One of the Sankou. She is an advisor to Youko and teachs her about the politics of Kei along with the other two.
Accomplished Emperor 18:06 The name given to a meikun emperor who created a prosperous kingdom. The people of Kei miss him.
Heaven Imperial Leader 15:39 A title given to the Taisai, who is the Minister of Imperial Affairs.
Office of Tenkan 15:42 The office where the Tenkanchou manages. Apparently, Youko is the first ruler to ever step into this place. It is obvious that an emperor is too high of status to visit such a place.
Lord of Wa Province 13:33 His real name is Gahou. The Kakanchou nominates Gahou as a temporary leader of Baku province, however, it is rumored that Gahou is a ruthless leader.

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