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Episode 23

A Thousand Miles of Wind, The Sky of Dawn
Chapter One
Japanese Term English Meaning Time Introduced Definition
Big Leader
10:51 The old man who expresses his concern to the Emperor of Hou with the Lord of Kei Province.
Mistress of the Mountain (Cave) 7:13 A name Riyou gave to herself in order show her superiority towards her handmaidens. Riyou used to be a former Emperor of Sai’s concubine. She is bored with her life, and is therefore bitter towards everything and everyone.
White pheasant 18:44 The Hakuchi only chirps two times with a human voice in its life. Once during the coronation of the emperor and once when the emperor dies. It is also customary to use the hakuchi’s foot as the emperor’s seal when there is no ruler present.
Mount Ha 5:04 Mountain in the Kingdom of Sai where Riyou lives.
Coarse + Mother/Horse 6:30 The name Riyou gives Suzu. The name itself is insulting, as if Suzu is a fool.
Kaze no Banri, Reimei no Sora
A Thousand Miles of Wind, The Sky of Dawn 1:35 The name of the third arc of the series.
Lord of Kei Province 10:46 The Lord of Kei Province of the Kingdom of Hou. His name is Gekkei. Because of the Emperor of Hou’s tyrannical rule, he and the other lords rebelled against the emperor. The Lord of Kei Province beheads the Emperor of Hou and the Imperial Consort in order to kill them.
Miya + -san suffix 5:39 The song Suzu sings is a very old Japanese song. Miya-san is actually a Japanese emperor from long ago.
Empress + Queen
(Imperial Consort)
10:10 The wife of the Emperor of Hou. Her name is Kaka. She despises beautiful women around her and the princess. She often falsely accuse girls and executes them (of course through the emperor).
Village home 19:38 A place where orphans and the elderly, who have no place to live, are fostered.
Needle fish 13:36 A rare fish found in the Sea of Emptiness.
Pine tree chief 21:43 The sage who lived in the palace during Tatsu-ou’s reign. He is the one who sealed the Suiguutou to the sheath.
Auspicious Jewel 9:41 A name given to the Princess of Hou. Her real name is Sonshou. The name is given to her because she is considered as the jewel of the Imperial Palace.
Green + Delicate + -kun suffix 5:02 The title given to the sage, Riyou.
A beautiful as a jewel weed 13:36 A rare weed which only grows during the winter.

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