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Episode 24

A Thousand Miles of Wind, The Sky of Dawn
Chapter Two
Japanese Term English Meaning Time Introduced Definition
Advisor of Baku Province 5:02 The representative of the Lord of Baku Province who welcomes Youko to the throne.
Kingdom’s Sage 11:44 Those who are given immortality in order to serve a kingdom.
Summer Imperial Leader 4:57 The title given to the Daishiba, who is the Minister of Military Affairs. He was the one who allowed Joei into the Kinpa Palace.
Mingle + Worship 19:19 A religious ceremony where the emperor goes out to the outskirts of the kingdom and prays to the Heavens for no more youma. They do this during the Winter Solstice. However, this is just an old myth…
Handmaiden 7:44 Personal women servants who take care of the emperor. An example is Gyokuyou.
Province Advisor 4:34 A high official of a province who is appointed by the lord of the province.
Office of Tenkan 5:39 This office manages the possession of many items, including weapons that could slay youma, even though these weapons are stored in the treasury.
Office of Toukan 21:30 The office where the Toukanchou manages. It handles Kei’s treasury.

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