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Episode 25

A Thousand Miles of Wind, The Sky of Dawn
Chapter Three
Japanese Term English Meaning Time Introduced Definition
Earth Imperial Leader 4:58 The Chikanfu no Chou (Administrator of the Office of Chikan – 地官府の長). He manages the distribution of land and residency. His official title is Daishito (Big Leader of People or Minister of State Affairs – 大司徒).
General of the Center Division 5:32 One of the three kingun shoguns (General of the Kingun [Royal Army] – 禁軍将軍).
Big Leader of Horses
(Minister of Military Affairs)
6:20 Kakanchou’s official title.
Big Leader of Bandits
(Minister of Judicial and Foreign Affairs)
6:24 Shuukanchou’s official title.
Big Leader of Emptiness
(Minister of Treasury)
6:34 Toukanchou’s official title.
Big Leader of People
(Minister of State Affairs)
6:02 Chikanchou’s official title.
Big Religion Chief
(Minister of Religious Affairs)
6:09 Shunkanchou’s official title.
Summer Imperial Leader 6:15 The Kakanfu no Chou (Administrator of the Office of Kakan – 夏官府の長). He commands the military and the three kingun shoguns (generals of the royal army). His official title is Daishiba (Big Leader of Horses or Minister of Military Affairs – 大司馬).
Sweet mushroom 14:50 A rare mushroom which grows on a tree like moss. It is located in the most inaccessible cliffs of Mount Ha.
Three Government Officials
(Three Advisors)
7:37 Taishi, Taifu, and Taiho (Not the Saiho, but someone else) who educate Youko. All three serve directly under the Saiho, Keiki.
General of the Left Division 5:32 One of the three kingun shoguns (General of the Kingun [Royal Army] – 禁軍将軍).
Spring Imperial Leader 6:06 The Shunkanfu no Chou (Administrator of the Office of Shunkan – 春官府の長). He manages ceremonies and religion. His official title is Daisouhaku (Big Religion Chief or Minister of Religious Affairs – 大宗伯).
Autumn Imperial Leader 6:24 The Shuukanfu no Chou (Administrator of the Office of Shuukan – 秋官府の長). She commands the laws, ordinances, and foreign policy. Her official title is Daishikou (Big Leader of Bandits or Minister of Judicial and Foreign Affairs – 大司寇).
Suibi (Green + Delicate) Cave
(Suibi Temple)
1:37 Suibidou is the name of the location where Riyou lives. It is in Mount Ha in the Kingdom of Sai.
Big Leader
(Minister of Imperial Affairs)
5:55 Tenkanchou’s official title.
no Chou
Administrator of the Office of Tenkan 4:46 Also known as the Tenkanchou (Earth Imperial Leader – 天官長). He manages all of the affairs that take place within the Imperial Palace. His official title is Taisai (Big Leader or Minister of Imperial Affairs – 大宰).
Winter Imperial Leader 6:34 The Toukanfu no Chou (Administrator of the Office of Shuukan – 冬官府の長). He manages the touki (Winter + instrument – 冬器) and houchou (Imperial treasures – 宝重). He is also in charge of the Imperial palace’s fixtures. His official title is Daishikuu (Big Leader of Emptiness or Minister of Treasury – 大司空).
Winter + instruments 6:37 Special weapons forged with the ability to kill youma and immortals.
General of the Right Division 4:52 One of the three kingun shoguns (General of the Kingun [Royal Army] – 禁軍将軍). The ministers debate of who to select as the Yuushogun.

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