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Episode 27

A Thousand Miles of Wind, The Sky of Dawn
Chapter Five
Japanese Term English Meaning Time Introduced Definition
Sink + Warehouse 19:59 A port city on a small island of Sou. It also close to Kou.
Long Harbor 19:52 A port city in southern Sai on the shores of the Sea of Emptiness. Ships go to Sou and to En, passing through Kei. This is where Suzu begins her adventure to Kei.
Aiding Emperor 9:52 A former Emperor of Sai who had an affair with Riyou. He did not like the responsibilities of his position and always listened to what Riyou said. He was eventually killed by the discontented members within his court.
Go + Emperor 10:20 After the Fu-ou was killed, Sairin went to Mt. Hou and selected Shishou (now known as Go-ou) as emperor. However, he caused Sairin to receive the Shitsudou. In order to spare Sairin’s life, he went to Mt. Hou and resigned, thus killing himself. His final words were, “Do not look to find in others what you refuse to see in yourself.” He basically blamed himself for what he caused. His reign lasted 20 years. After his death, Sairin selected the current Empress of Sai.
Gateway + archery bow 13:43 Capital city of the Kingdom of En.
High + to 10:00 The discontented members of Fu-ou’s court. It included the Council Leader and several of the Ministers. Riyou basically betrays the Fu-ou and supported the Kouto. These are the people who killed the Fu-ou.
Lead + Mast 2:02 Capital city of the Kingdom of Kyou.
Red tiger 9:16 The type of youjyuu that Riyou owns.

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