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Episode 28

A Thousand Miles of Wind, The Sky of Dawn
Chapter Six
Japanese Term English Meaning Time Introduced Definition
Baku Province 8:55 One of the provinces of Kei that lies on the western border of Ei Province. It is governed by Lord Koukan. It is believed by some of the ministers that Koukan betrayed the Kingdom of Kei because he fought against Joei when she claimed to be the new empress. They question whether if he would have done the same thing if she were actually the true Empress of Kei.
Sink + Warehouse –:– Although this is not said in the episode at all, this is where Suzu, Seishuu, and Asano make their journey to Kei in Sou.
Ei Province 8:55 The Provincial capital of the Kingdom of Kei. It is where the kingdom’s capital city of Gyouten and the Imperial Kinpa Palace is located. Ei Province is governed by Keiki.
High Imperial 8:51 Capital city of the Kingdom of Kei.
Excellent stork 8:58 A city in Wa that is about as big as Takuhou
Sea 11:26 Rangyoku asks, “the sea?” when hearing that Youshi is a kaikyaku. This is because kaikyaku means, a person from the sea.
Solid inheritance 8:58 The village where Youko goes (as Youshi) to study how normal citizens live. She is placed at a rike there by Keiki. Enho is the Village Elder.
Destitute strangeness 10:16 A tiger like youma that attacks the rike at Kokei.
Bright fortification 8:58 Capital city of Wa Province.
Open summit 8:58 Located on the border of Wa and Ei in the district of Shisui. There are bad rumors about this city.
Wa Province 8:55 One of the provinces of Kei that lies on the northern border of Ei Province. It is governed by Lord Gahou. It is rumored that he is a vicious ruler who forces the citizens to do heavy labor.

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