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Episode 33

A Thousand Miles of Wind, The Sky of Dawn
Chapter Ten
Japanese Term English Meaning Time Introduced Definition
Marriage + Matrimony 7:28 Union with marriage. In order to receive a child, two people must enter konin, live in the same city, and pray at the village shrine.
Bright fortification 6:56 This capital city of Wa Province is the second wealthiest next to Gyouten. All imports and exports go through this city, and as a result, many people come here. Gahou takes advantage of this and imposes high taxes on everything. Meikaku is also known for its disorganized wall system. As the city got bigger, and as time passed by, they just created new walls without destroying the old ones.
Joining of Civilian Life 7:40 Union without marriage. If two peope enter into yagou, they cannot have a child.

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