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Episode 35

A Thousand Miles of Wind, The Sky of Dawn
Chapter Twelve
Japanese Term English Meaning Time Introduced Definition
San Prefecture 9:27 A prefecture in Baku Province.
Branch + Honors 9:27 The former name of Shishou.
Branch + Pine 17:28 A city in San Prefecture in Baku Province. This is where the School of Morality is located.
School of Pine (Morality) 17:34 A school that once existed in the Province of Baku. It taught the ways of morality and was seen as an obstruction by Gahou. It and many of it’s teachers was eventually burned down by the Vice Minister of Military Affairs of Shisui District (who was a fumin at the time). Saibou, the advisor of Baku Province and a mysterious person of higher status are said to have been students of that school.
Small Leader of Horses
(Vice Minister of Military Affairs)
21:54 A military minister who serves under the Minister of Military Affairs, Kakanchou.

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