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Episode 41

Sea God of the East, Azure Sea of the West
Chapter One
Japanese Term English Meaning Time Introduced Definition
Higashi no Wadatsumi
Nishi no Soukai
Sea God of the East,
Azure Sea of the West
1:35 The name of the fourth arc of the series.
Stubborn + simple 16:11 Capital city of Gen Province.
Adjunct of the Lord of Gen Province 1:59 A shortened version of Genshuuhaku. Rakushun was saying that Atsuyu was the Adjunct of the Lord of Gen Province in this episode.
Gateway + archery bow 9:50 Capital city of the Kingdom of En. It is in Sei Province.
Fierce Emperor 4:39 The name given to the former Emperor of En after death. This is not to be mistaken with the Empress of Kyou.
Wet Water 15:42 A great river which flows from Sei Province towards the shores of the Black Sea in Gen Province. Occasional flooding left it fertile, but since Kyou-ou breached the embankment, the shoreline became uninhabitable. After Kyou-ou’s death, cultivation began again and settlements were established. However, it floods even when it rains, and so much flood controlling is needed in Gen Province.
Red rope string 19:33 The ball and red string that Kouya puts on Ribi and Enki’s foreheads. It has the power to seal a kirin’s horn.

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