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Favorite tv shows?

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Favorite tv shows?

Postby Shanonn » Mon May 15, 2006 6:27 pm

I like all different types of stuff. I watch Medium on Monday nights on ABC. Its pretty good, the actress is really good. And its well written. I also like Dr.Who. Its a little silly but watchable. I like some fantasy and a little sci fi. What shows do you watch?
Sharon :)
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Postby Shusei 2 » Mon May 15, 2006 9:47 pm

Yeah! Medium watcher! That is quite a good show.

I also like to watch House a medical drama for anyone who doesn't know.

Bones, the causes of deaths are solved by being studied with a group of scientist's by studying bones who work with the FBI at the Jeffersonian Musuem...

Dead Like Me, a story about a girl who dies and becomes a grim reaper.

And Smallville the story of superman before he's superman- all great, well writen shows in my opinion.

I'm also a fan of family guy and the Simpsons
Shusei 2
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Postby Tahki » Mon May 15, 2006 11:07 pm

CSI-The one which started it all, a.k.a "Creative ways to die"

Judging Amy-Trials & Tribulation of a Judge of juvinile court , single mom and her family

and... well, I no longer catch any shows regularly. so :P
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Postby scorchpop » Mon May 15, 2006 11:15 pm

I absolutely love Lost, I'm a total addict. It's so exciting right now! Besides that, I don't watch much tv, besides my downloaded stuff :wink:
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Postby ritsuka » Tue Jun 26, 2007 12:40 pm

I love Lost, House, CSI, Yu-gi-oh, Pokemon, Digimon, and Man vs. Wild.
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Re: Favorite tv shows?

Postby Raza159 » Mon Oct 13, 2014 1:12 pm

could not find interesting anime these days. Try to watch jigoku shoujo, and ghost hunt (taken from fuyumi ono novel)

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